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KLIAFA Beverage Company along with 12 other companies (COCA COLA EEE, CHIPITA, PEPSICO HBH, ATHINAIKI ZYTHOPOIIA, DELTA, ELAIS, PAPASTRATOS, FAGE, FRIESLAND, COLGATE - PALMOLIVE, UNILEVER, PROKTER - GAMPLE) incorporated into a group under the name "EXPLOITATION of PACKAGING MATERIALS SHARING, LTD”.  The aim of this enterprise is to organize and manage collective systems of alternate packaging.

This collaboration known as EEAA S.A. is based upon similar consortiums in operation in the EU such as ECOEMBALLAGES in France, DSD in Germany, CONAI in Italy, FOST-PLUS in Belgium, ECOEMBES in Spain, SOCIEDADE PONTO VERDE in Portugal, etc. It is under obligation to assure that all parties adhere to the laws and regulations of the EU.



   kliafa (@) otenet.gr
   +3024310 23771
   +3024310 26506
   3nd km Trikalon - Larisis,
      Trikala, 421 00

Cultural Center

The exhibition contains a brief historical review of the Kliafa Beverage Company history and also pictures, articles, letters, documents and memorabilia of everyday life in the recent history of the city and outlying area.