Industrial Site of Production & Equipment

The KLIAFA Company production and storage facilities are located on the 3rd km of the Trikala - Larissa Roadway, built on an extended industrial site of 40.000m2. The industrial plant facilities take up an area of 6300 m2, while the refrigeration units have a capacity of 10.000 m3.  There are two lines of production and bottling capable of processing 360,000 items per eight hours. The machinery is mainly German technology installed by Seitz, Enzinger, Noll, Kettner, Krones & Ahlborn. The Plant biological waste treatment facilities can process 240 m3/24h.



   kliafa (@) otenet.gr
   +3024310 23771
   +3024310 26506
   3nd km Trikalon - Larisis,
      Trikala, 421 00

Cultural Center

The exhibition contains a brief historical review of the Kliafa Beverage Company history and also pictures, articles, letters, documents and memorabilia of everyday life in the recent history of the city and outlying area.