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The Kliafa History and Culture Center was established in 2003, initiated and in expense of the Kliafa refreshments industry. Housed in the old factory (Ice Factory - Refrigerators), built in 1926, and located at the intersection of Omirou and Themistokleous streets in Trikala.
The Kliafa History and Culture Center operates as Museum of Trikala and it aims to promote and study the local history of the last hundred fifty years.

Fifteen major thematic cluster that refer to different aspects of Trikala's life (local government, industry, farming, military, education, Thessalian Railways, music, theater, literature and cinema), trying to provide the visitor with a complete picture of city' s evolution from 1881 until nowadays. Life in town and country is recounted through photographs, documents, letters, events calendars, notes and small items of household.
The dashboards are accompanied by informative texts, which help the visitor to better understand the major changes that have marked this city' s path, from late 19th century until nowadays. In the same room there are fifty large photos with views of the city, as it was until 1960.
In this area there is the company founder' s office, Mr Kliafa Theodore (1889-1961), while the dashboards display photographs, drawings, documents, advertisements, workers booklets and founder' s personal belongings. Also, in the same area there is a collection of bottles' evolution - from glass ball to cap crown - a manual filler machine, two coolers, wooden barrels, trolleys and various other small items. All this, together with informative texts, help the visitor to form an image of  factory' s operation, cold stores and working conditions, from 1926 to 1993.
This hall is dedicated in Trikala press, which records everyday life, as a source of information about the recent past of the city. In the area is hosted the electric press, the "klisografos" and frames to print, all offers of old printing press shops and local newspapers. On the walls there are headlines of old Trikala newspapers, photos of journalists from Trikala, typographers, publishers and agents of the Athenian press.
This is the cooling plant of refrigerator - ice factory of the 1950s, which includes BENZ diesel engines, FRICK ammonia compressors, ELVIMA power generators, AEG electric motors, general electric board and other auxiliary equipment with the necessary pipes and electrical networks.
Visitor has the opportunity to see the impressive furniture of Trikala pharmacy in 1890 and to be informed on how the pharmacist manufactured medicines.
This section was the area where the bottling carbonated used to take place. Today vivitors can admire a unique, in Greece, collection of bottle caps and labels from all over the world.
The Kliafa History and Culture Center has an events hall with 120 seats, equipped with all modern media. Also, this section has the ability to host photo exhibitions.
A very welcoming place with tin tables, wicker chairs and a huge showcase with beverage bottles from old Greek industries, many of which currently do not function. On the walls there are many old ads.
The Kliafa History and Culture Center is open, with free entrance, from October to May, Monday to Friday, 11am - 1pm, in the morning. In the afternoon and during summer, visitor can come only with appointment at: 24310 27313 and 2431027314.
Schools, upon request, they can visit the museum any time they want.
Address: Omirou & Themistokleous 12, 42131, Trikala


The Kliafa History and Culture Center organizes audiovisual local history lessons, which are attended by students of Middle and Elementary Education, accompanied by their teachers. The Center also organizes photography exhibitions, folk tales narratives and traditional games learning seminars.
The History and Culture Center has the following collections:
  • 13 files of local, but also thessaly, newspapers between 1883 and 1960, in microfilms accessible only to scholars.
  • More than 5000 digitized black and white photographs of the area of Trikala classified within the following themes: social life, political life, rural life, army, education, culture, sport.
  • 3000 bottle caps from around the world.
  • 390 tape-recorded tapes with folk tales, testimonials and mayor candidates pre-election speaches.
  • 95 printed music sheets with songs of the period from 1900 to 1960 and a 20 handwritten music sheets.
  • 13 folk paintings of the puppeteer named Thanasis Spyropoulos, inspired by Thessaly folk tales.
  • 250 soft drinks glass bottles of various Greek industries, many of which no longer exist.
  • 155 albums, Greek and foreign, with black and white photographs.
  • 50 art albums.
  • Rich collection of folklore books, of local interest.
  • Toys - objects collection of the 1950s.
  • Digitalized archival material of city's history.

The Kliafa History and Culture Center has published the following books:
  • "Trikala. From Seifoullach to Tsitsani. The transformations of society as reflected in the press of the period (1881-1960)." Three-volume work of M. Kliafa. "Kedros" publications.
  • "In Varousi". Album with photos of Takis Tloupas and documents of M. Kliafa and Fanny Chapala - Vardoulas. "Gnosi" publications.
  • "Women of the earth." Album with photos of Dimitris Letsiou and documents of Maroula Kliafa. "Kedros" publications.
  • "Ta tou Dimou en dimo". The chronicle of Trikala Municipality (1883-1959), by M. Kliafa. "Standard Thessalian Publications", 2007.
  • "Entrepreneurship in Trikala. An over-knowledged history. (1881-1960)", by M. Kliafa. "Degiorgio" publications.
  • "A serenade in Litheos. The music motion in Trikala (1881-1965)", by M. Kliafa. "Kedros" publications.
  • "Lets take a walk in our city, Trikala". Tourist guide for children.
  • "Education plays. The education in western Thessaly after its integration in Greece (1881-1950)", by M. Kliafa. "Kedros" publications.



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Cultural Center

The exhibition contains a brief historical review of the Kliafa Beverage Company history and also pictures, articles, letters, documents and memorabilia of everyday life in the recent history of the city and outlying area.