Soft Drink & Carbonated Beverage Industry

Cultural Center



The old production facilities of the KLIAFA Beverage Company, located in the center of Trikala, is a historic landmark.
The center hosts:

  • exhibition of local history
  • Kliafa Beverage Company history
  • a traditional printing house
  • rich collection of soft drinks bottles, bottle caps and labels
  • the old engine room
  • multipurpose hall.




   kliafa (@)
   +3024310 23771
   +3024310 26506
   3nd km Trikalon - Larisis,
      Trikala, 421 00

Cultural Center

The exhibition contains a brief historical review of the Kliafa Beverage Company history and also pictures, articles, letters, documents and memorabilia of everyday life in the recent history of the city and outlying area.